CUBE Rectangular

Cube rectangular single wall straight duct & fittings are factory fabricated and supplied with factory applied sealant on longitudinal and transverse joints according to table 1-2, standard duct sealing requirement, SMACNA standard, 2nd Edition 1995. Rectangular ductworks can be supplied either fully assembled or in loose as required with drilled angle flanges or duct mate flanges (TDC) and corners fixed with ductwork to easy installation as per SMACNA standards for transverse joint and intermediate reinforcement.

G.I. Sheet: lock forming quality, G90, zinc coating, conform to ASTM A 653 , A924.
Stainless steel: grade 304,316 or 316l, mill finish.
Stainless steel, lock forming quality, conform to ASTM A240/480.
Black Steel: 1.4mm Thickness, CO2 Welded.
Aluminum sheet: alloy 3003-H14, conform to ASTM A209
Rectangular ductworks coated with epoxy paint on request.

All rectangular straight ducts are beaded or cross broken. All fittings of max sizes from 483 and above are cross broken. Double wall Ductwork, internally lined ductwork , 4” W.G & above pressure Class ductwork and above 1.00mm thickness of sheet metal ductwork are exceptions. Standard straight duct

length is 4 ft (1220mm).Reinforcements shall be uncoated steel or galvanized steel unless otherwise specified. The longitudinal joint (seam) shall be pittsburgh lock unless otherwise specified.

Other options:
Continuously welded or brazed;
Tack or spot welded (and sealed or unsealed);
Seam locked (and sealed or unsealed)
Rivet or screw (and sealed or unsealed).

CUBE lined Rectangular straight duct offers superior acoustic and thermal performance. Insulation material is fiber glass insulation conform to ASTM 1071, NFPA 90A and UL 181. It protects against corrosion and mold growth. These lined ductworks can be used up to 5000 fpm velocity and of temperature 500° F.

Standard length is 1220 mm. Insulation materials shall be as per specification in the contract drawings.

All lined straight duct ends guarded with galvanized steel nosing fixed by spot or tack weld.