Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the leading solution provider of building envelopes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our mission is to provide high quality building envelope solutions, outstanding service at a competitive price that exceed our client’s expectation. Our mission statement is articulated through:

Engaging with national and international suppliers and business partners;

Ensuring that our products and services meet regulatory standards and best practices that comply with all customers’ requirements;

Offering a comprehensive range of materials, finishes and solutions that satisfy customers’ aspirations;

Having a clear vision of our customers’ requirements and to advise them in what is feasible;

Ensuring that customers orders are completed and delivered on time;

Keeping customers informed on the progress of any business they entrust to us;

Using the latest technologies and having some of the most advanced automated machinery in the industry;

Providing relevant training to our staff, and giving them the opportunity to contribute to the continual improvement of our Quality Management Systems;

Commitment of our employees.