Our Services
As an independent specialist contractor our clients can be confident of receiving a flexible, thought-through building envelope solutions. Cube Metal Industries designs, supplies, and installs high performing façade systems.
We are great collaborators and believe the way we work with our clients is quite unique and strive to get hands-on with projects as early as possible. We welcome the opportunity to work through the design phase with developers, owners, architects and general contractors to help provide the best possible solution to fit your specific needs. We take the time to fully understand their project requirements and put together the right project team to deliver it. The unique element is the experience and quality of our people, together with their technical design and delivery expertise.
For a project to be carried out efficiently the right technicians are of crucial importance, but good project management is of equal importance. Our project managers are skilled in both technical and man management, to ensure the seamless running of your project. The team for every project, is lead by a project manager with the relevant technical and site team ensuring Cube Metal Industries is the right partner for you to fulfill your construction projects.
You can rely on Cube Metal Industries’ professional service at every stage of your project. Our excellent manufacturing capacity ensures quick delivery and efficient installation of all products. Wherever possible we will carry out the bulk of the assembly works in our factory to ensure quality and high tolerances, which in turn minimizes the installation time on site which improves accuracy.